Clifton Suspension Bridge at dusk

Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol is one of my favourite locations in the South West England. The bridge is renowned to be one of the finest project of the engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel and has since become a de facto icon of the Bristol city.

Clifton bridge has become a daily sight for me over the yeas, however every day may bring different views from the Avon gorge cliffs. To me, the sunset and dusk present some of the most stunning views, when the bridge is illuminated, while there is still some natural light in the atmosphere. The deep red sky sunset has so far eluded me, but nevertheless the rather cold, cloudy and windy day ended spectacularly. The movement of low and heavy clouds created layers in the sky, adding a well needed balance and drama to the image. The glowing bridge is the proud centrepiece of the image, surrounded by the woods and overlooking the muddy river Avon. Good night Clifton, see you again soon!

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